You should think of 10 factors before you begin an architectural design project

Everything you need to Know about Planning and Designing Your Home

You have the opportunity to build your dream home SteelCell, however careful consideration is needed from the beginning. Before meeting with your architect, you should consider your wants and needs. It will give you a good framework on which to base your discussions. Hunter Architects & Planners has worked with many clients who had never done a similar project before.

The following are the top 10 points we recommend you consider prior to meeting.

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Want list or short

The simplest way to start is by identifying the key spaces and finishings for your architectural plan. Do you want to create a more open family room, or a bedroom suite that includes a bathroom with an ensuite and dressing room? Or do you wish to improve the external look of the home by adding an extra bedroom or a bathroom. The “must” items, and the items that would be “nice” to have. During the initial discussion, the architectural brief is developed. The project’s overall scope will change as the work progresses.

3.Scope of work

Consider the functionality of your home and its future usage. Will you need to adapt the property in the near future? The house should be as energy efficient or environmentally friendly as possible. What style or materials do you prefer?


What are your spending plans? You have contingencies, right? How much money is coming in and what conditions are attached? What would you do if your project went over budget? The budget is it realistic? What if the project is undertaken in stages?

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By understanding project timelines, you can improve the design of your architectural plan.

i. You should also consider if any significant life events are about to take place (school exams etc.).

ii. Think about when construction will begin and end.

iii. Take into account any potential financial impacts of the project.

iv. If the deadlines cannot be met, consider what might happen.

You need to ask yourself: Why are you pursuing this project?

An important exercise is to understand and analyze why you want the particular architectural project. A larger space could be needed to house a specific piece of furniture, or for better soundproofing between rooms. Also, it is important to consider what the future holds and if any flexibility or changes are needed.

The project will solve what problems?

Likewise, understanding what needs to be done and what challenges need to solved will allow you to better understand the nature of the project. Does it feel cold or dark in the house? Can you fit the family round the Christmas table and is the house clean?

Why is the home not working well for you?

If you are new to the house or you just moved in, it is useful for you to know what elements you do not like. There are many things to think about, such as room size and proportion, overall house flow, dark areas, cold rooms etc.

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Your ideal home is what you want it to be.

Think of the things you like about your ideal house. Is it warm and bright with lots of light? Are there happy children running around or is it a cozy and quiet space where you can read a good book with a nice glass of something in hand?

Gather any and all information that you can about your house.

Are you in possession of copies, such as existing plans or planning permissions? Do you also have copies, such as land registers, restrictions, easements and covenants etc. If the home is in an area of high flood risk or conservation, it may be a good idea to check.

10: Collect info on what you love

This can help when you are creating a scrapbook or on sites like Pinterest or Houzz. The images could be of specific materials, details or finishes. Other images might show more subjective things like how the space feels or a feeling of light. This is very helpful because you can easily highlight things you don’t want.

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