What to do if you’ve been drinking and driving Over The Holidays, What a Dui Attorney Can Help?

The crime of driving while under Influence or, as some call it, Driving While drunk, is a serious one that can be punished accordingly – get the facts! The social stigma attached to this offense stems from the potential for injury and the perpetrators are aware of the dangers. The laws that govern DUIs as well as DWIs get more severe each year to stop impaired drivers. DUI law and penalties differ according to the state. A DUI lawyer is needed to protect yourself against the charges.

The lure: Sadly, holiday revellers are not thinking about the possibility of facing criminal charges if they drive while drunk. The main goal is having fun, taking a break from working and having a great time. Most people’s approach involves imbibing an excessive amount of alcohol. When one’s brain becomes addled to alcohol, the consequences of drunk driving and alcohol consumption can be easily overlooked.

A few glasses of wine can result in a DUI. A minor traffic offense can result in being subjected to an in-person field sobriety exam, an examination for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or having your breath analyzed for a determination of your level of alcohol consumption. A BAC at 0.08 in most states is considered legally. Anything higher than that is considered to be grounds to be charged with DUI.

There are consequences for a DUI conviction: The minimum penalties (there are usually several) for a DUI conviction include heavy fines (about $400-$1,000), a restraining order (up to $1000) as well as community service (at the minimum of 40 hours) or temporary license suspension as well as some time in jail (from three days and up). In addition, depending on the jurisdiction, your car may be impounded and the court might impose mandatory counseling, have you placed on home arrest, and even have breath analyzers placed on your vehicle. This will all be paid from the pocket of the one who is convicted. Penalties rise with each subsequent offense within 10 years.

The consequences of other actions extend beyond the penalty that is prescribed by the court. Penalties, the jail sentence, and any other costs are likely to cause financial strain, particularly for people of low or middle-class. In addition, the employment of people will be affected as this goes to the record. Social isolation could also be the result of being in prison. Other penalties can be an added burden to those of higher-income who can pay fines easily. These can quickly rob you of holiday fun.

There are a variety of options: An individual might choose to represent your own attorney in court. A lay person’s understanding of the law is insufficient for a solid defense. This is because law is constantly changing and every state has their specific guidelines. A DUI attorney is not trying to know every DUI laws, but rather is specialized in certain laws.

Another option is to accept a court-appointed lawyer, which may be somewhat better. The lawyer will not be able to offer the same amount of protection as an DUI lawyer can provide. The amount that court-appointed lawyers receive is lower than the one provided by the prosecutor. Consequently, they have less resources for helping someone afflicted with DUI accusations.

The hiring of a DUI lawyer, despite costs it is the best option. The lawyer can work the most effective strategy according to the facts of the case. He or she also has the expertise and ability to assist clients in identifying ways to avoid loopholes.

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