The Best Way to Handle Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can be one of the worst and most damaging emergencies to occur in your home. It doesn’t matter if the water is caused by an HVAC malfunction, a severe storm, or a ruptured pipe. The problem can be stressful and threaten your property value. You must act fast to stop further damage. In this situation, it is important to contact a professional water damage restoration near me that specializes in water damage repair to evaluate and fix the damage.

If you are dealing with an emergency in your house, it is important to develop a solid plan as soon as possible. Waiting to address this catastrophe will only make it worse.

When to start water damage restoration

If you have experienced water damage in your home, here are some steps that will help to keep your family safe. First, turn off the power. Cut off all circuit breakers. Unplug all devices. When you suspect that flooding is imminent, evacuate the flooded areas until an authorized person can inspect and confirm it is safe. You should wear waterproof boots and gloves when you are entering the property. To begin, you can save the most precious items such as electronics and documents.

The Water That Stops You

Do not wait to identify the source. This will help you prevent the damage from escalating. Most water damage, which is not caused by flooding, can be the result of a ruptured pipe or a hot-water tank leak. Make sure you’re aware of where shut-off valves can be found. You can take steps to protect your home if the cause of the leak is a flood. Start by covering the area with sandbags and then removing the debris. An leaking ceiling may require a professional’s help to find the source. Watch out for the signs of mould, as it could cause health problems to your family. Mold can be detected by noticing a musty smell, discolored ceilings, and baseboards.

Drying Things out

You should start drying the items within the next 24 hours. The process should be completed in 3-4 days. The mold and mildew will not grow in the home. You should remove all the furniture that is wet from your flooded home. For stain prevention, place aluminium foil between the feet of furniture and damp carpet. Then, remove your rugs to let them air dry. For a faster drying process, you can borrow or rent dehumidifiers. This should be left on for at least a day. Keep your air conditioner on “on” for the following few days in order to eliminate more moisture.

You can Call a Professional

Final step: Call an experienced water damage company for help. The professionals will have all the tools necessary to complete this job. Also, they will ensure this leak doesn’t happen again.

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