Steamy Stories vs. Delights Carpet Cleaning Duel

The two most effective methods of cleaning carpets are steam cleaning and dry carpeting. In fact, Upholstery North Shore customers are likely to have used both types of cleaning. Why are these techniques different? Which one is best for your Hessian, or your Chenille? Now let’s get down to the very nitty gritty (or, rather, deep carpet) of these two cleaning giants. Continue?

1. The methodology magic

The name of this method is Dry Cleaning. Solvents or cleaning agents are used, which attract and bond to dirt. Following a quick action, these compounds are vacuumed, leaving clean carpets in their wake.

Steam Cleaning is actually more hot water that steam. Powerful vacuums are used to extract the dirt from carpets after a deep cleaning solution has been injected.

2. Does My Carpet Look Wet or Dry to You?

Dry Cleaning: After the dry cleaning process, your carpet will be relatively dry and you’ll be able to dance on it.

Steam Clean: Your carpet will remain damp after cleaning. According to ventilation and moisture, the drying process can last anywhere between 4 and 24 hours.

3. Battle of the Bacteria

Dry Cleaning: Although it does an adequate job at cleaning the surface, it might not be able to reach bacteria that are buried deep.

Steam cleaning: Because of the high temperature, not only dirt but bacteria, mites, allergens, etc. are removed.

4. Chemical Chronicles

Dry Cleaning – It uses many chemicals to clean clothes, some of which may not be environmentally friendly.

Steam cleaning is a milder method of cleaning, which uses hot water to extract the steam.

5. Cleaning for Life

Dry Cleaning: Effective and quick, however, because the carpets need to be cleaned more frequently.

Steam Cleaning: For a deeper clean, you will need to schedule more sessions.

6. The Wear and Tear Tale

Dry cleaning: It’s less intrusive and is therefore gentler for delicate fibres.

Steam Cleaning – Although thoroughly thorough, repeat steam cleanings may wear carpets out more quickly.

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