Smart Tips For Packing Campfire Meals For Outdoor Camping

Experiential outdoor camp cooks know the pain of carrying large coolers or boxes of food to and from camp. When they’re stuck cooking and preparing campfire meals, they often miss out on the outdoor camping experience they were looking forward to. It is possible to make the task easier and more enjoyable. These smart camping cooking tips can help you cut down on the weight and bulk of your supplies so you can get to the camp kitchen faster – get more info.

Ziploc freezer bags make a great addition to any smart camp cook’s kit. This product is a constant reminder to them when they pack the food for an outdoor weekend. Ziplocs are better than any can or box. A smart camp cook will live by the motto, “Never take a box or can when a Ziploc will do!” You should have three types Ziplocs in your cooking supplies: one bag of sandwich bags, one of each gallon- and quart-sized freezer bags. These bags will save you weight and space as well as reduce the amount of trash that you have to bring back from camp.

Ziploc bags can be a huge help. Take a look at what camp food supplies you are planning to take. What ingredients, and how many, are needed for campfire recipes. What preparation is needed for each meal?

Dry Food

Start with your campfire recipe. Make sure you do any ingredient prep at home. Then, put them in a Ziploc freezer bag. If you do not wait until camp to prepare the ingredients, it will save you time. Ziplocs are lighter and more compact than individual cans and boxes, which will help you save space and weight. You can save time by doing camp meal prep at home.

Now, you can take a look through the rest of the canned and boxed foods. If you can find anything that can fit in a Ziploc, it is worth looking. Ziplocs can hold a large amount of food, such as a box of pancake mix or a can of soup. This will allow you to reduce excess weight and eliminate any leftover trash. Be sure to consider the ingredients. If you are only going to use one pound of it, there is no need for you to take a five-pound container. Put only what you’ll use in a Ziploc, and then leave the rest. You don’t need to forget the basics like salt, pepper, or spices. These items will not be needed for your camp meals so make sure you have enough in sandwich bags and keep the rest at home.

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