Self Storage Consumers Look For Convenience

Convenience is what most people are looking for in today’s fast-paced life. It is a product or service that will make their lives easier and make their work easier check this. People who decide to use self storage units will find the same. Most people look for convenient locations that are close to their homes, or ones that don’t require them from far away.

For self-storage clients who want regular access to their items, convenience is important. If the facility is located near their home, they will feel safer than storing their personal items in a remote place. According to a 2004 study, the Self Storage Association confirmed this importance of personal convenience in selecting a self-storage facility. The study was conducted to discover consumer demand in self storage. It took four months.

The study revealed that convenience is more important than the facility’s other features like climate control or temperature control and shelves. Four factors are also associated with convenience among the top five factors considered by consumers. These include accessibility to the facility, availability for drive-up parking, 24-hour access to rental units, electronic security in gates, and close proximity to the home or workplace. Pest control is also an important consideration. The study did find that most people who rent self-storage units choose the traditional self-storage unit, which includes mini storage units and those with drive-up parking. The convenience of having a facility in one place is preferable to the mobile ones.

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