Learning the Long way Round: Why Outsourcing education is better than paying for online education short cuts

Let’s talk about a subject hotter than an illegal jalapeno: https://www.bznewz.com/education/confidentiality-and-privacy-a-top-priority-for-online-academic-help/. Before you throw up your coffee or nod with approval, let’s discuss the reasons why people pay for online education.

First, it might seem as if hiring someone else to take your online class is something that only lazy students would dream up. This is a real thing. Not only are the laziers involved, but even the most ambitious people. Why? Life is a bit like Tetris. You’re always looking for the straight piece that will clear up some space.

Many people are under pressure to succeed in today’s world. They think that hiring an academic mercenary will be the best option. You may have piles of bills, a job which takes up your study hours, or simply be trying to keep everything in order without losing your marbles. It’s tough.

It’s important to remember that learning is about… learning. If you let others do the hard work, you could end up with just a certificate and as much knowledge about your grandma’s pet cat.

Let’s discuss turkey why this entire scenario is messier that eating soup with a knife. It throws ethics into the trash faster than last weeks leftovers. They create courses that will make you more skilled than before you walked out of the classroom (or logged off). When someone else does the work for you, that defeats the whole purpose.

But don’t start me on the consequences if everybody starts doing it. Imagine going see a physician who obtained their degree after paying someone to take their exams. What gives you goosebumps more than nails on a board?

What can be done? To begin with, we might want to stop making everyone feel they have to be flawless 24/7. Life isn’t Instagram, and it’s okay to be imperfect sometimes.

It would also be helpful if schools changed the way in which they assess us. This could make it more difficult for cheating to appear attractive.

Hey, if this is you and you think about taking the shortcuts that could come back to bite later on, then talk to someone. In most schools, there are people who will bend over backwards to prevent you from taking shortcuts that may bite you down the road.

After all, learning isn’t just about getting an A. It’s also about giving your brain the tools it needs to tackle any challenges that life might throw your way.

You might think shortcuts are easier, but it’s worth the effort to learn how to do something properly. This is where the real magic takes place. Just food to think about.

The next time you consider handing over login details and cash for an A+ remember that education isn’t about grades. It’s about becoming the best version of you, sometimes painfully slowly. You are right in the middle of a world full of opportunities to create memories.

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