Learn How to Install an Expert Advisor onto Mt4 for Automated Trading

MT4 stands alone as a platform of trading for the individual Forex trader. The Forex broker will open an account for you, and then download the program to install on the PC. Install and configure your broker server. Then login to the trading account. The programming features are another key feature of this platform. It also allows you to create charts, record historical prices and perform trades. Read here!

Expert Advisor

MQL4 is Metaquotes 4 or a C-like language. It has program functions structure, variable declarations, operators, conditions, calling of technical indicators and math operations. These files are in MQL, and they can all be edited with the included editor. These files are called expert advisors, and can be used on an MT4 account.

Create EA

Your trading strategy must be coded into MQL codes and compilable without error before you can start. Or, you can buy third party code and run them on your trading account. You will need to choose the timeframe, and you can then select the currency chart.

EA: How to install and load EA

The first thing you need to do is copy your MQL expert advisor file into the MT4 “experts folder”. Then, run MT4 again and the expert adviser will automatically be compiled. You will see it in the navigator window under “expert advisor”. Then, select your desired expert advisor. Move over to the currency chart. Then drag the cursor to move it. Your currency chart will show the name and contact information of the advisor in the right-hand corner. On the right, look for a happy face. A cross indicates that EA trading is not active.

Enable Expert Advisor

MT4 allows the user to choose whether or not they want the expert adviser trading displayed in the top-middle panel. Click on it to enable or disable. It is possible that you will need to adjust some parameters on the “tools tab” in “options”, and select “Expert Advisor”. The list will have a selection of check boxes. To enable the Expect Advisor in more situations, select “Allow DLL exports”, then “Allow DLL” imports and finally “Allow external expert imports”. There are four boxes you can empty: “Disable the experts when your account is changed”, “Disable the experts when your profile changes”, “Ask manual verification” and “Confirm DLL functions calls”. The above settings should result in a smiling smiley at the top-right corner of your forex chart. Call as many EAs that you desire. Limit the number of EAs to 8 if you want.

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