Innovative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Urban contexts are becoming more and more important for storage as the living space is shrinking, while possessions increase. Brilliant Storage can maximize space at home and in the office. Making an oasis in the midst of chaos a place to be calm and orderly is a skill that’s becoming more popular, recommended site!

Brilliant Storage believes that each square foot can be used to its full potential. Many traditional pieces of furniture take up space. Instead of a huge dresser, replace it with a storage mattress that can be raised to reveal a spacious compartment where you can store seasonal clothing, blankets and books. Brilliant Storage’s design philosophy emphasizes dual-use. This company creates stylish multipurpose furniture to save space.

And don’t forget the height of above your head. Brilliant Storage wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions make good use of the vertical space usually ignored. Custom-fitted units allow for storage in corners that would otherwise be wasted. This valuable product can fit into any environment.

Finding solutions for small areas in places you would never expect is key to making the best use of them. A great example is staircase storage. You can put shoes or stationary in the drawers of each step, or you can lift up a cover. Brilliant Storage’s modular staircases can be custom-made for a variety of locations and purposes. No two installations are alike.

Brilliant Storage has hidden drawers, and retractable cabinets for smaller kitchens and baths. You can use pull-out organizers to keep cleaning and toiletries under your sink. Or, you could install a small pantry between the appliances in the kitchen. This solution hides essentials, while still making them readily accessible. It simplifies these important rooms.

Brilliant Storage can be a useful multi-functional decoration for designers. For example, a wall mirror can be equipped with a jewelry compartment. Or a coffeetable that also has an ample storage area. This adds a sense of surprise, originality and saving space to the room.

Brilliant Storage’s modular storage systems maximize available space. Depending on your needs, you can stack and combine these to meet different storage requirements and rooms. You can do anything, including converting bookshelves into desks and benches to hide filing cabinets.

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