How To Store And Take Care Of Your Oil Paintings

The value of oil paintings is the same as any other art form website. A genuine oil canvas painting at home, or even in the office, is so valuable that it can be cause for celebration. After unwrapping the oil canvas, it will be clear that this is no ordinary painting.

There are many oil painting articles that can be stored and cared for, but those in museums will help with preservation. The following are guidelines to help you care for your painting on a canvas. There are also some tips you can use to avoid making mistakes with your oil portrait. What’s great about oil paintings is that they are durable, long-lasting and have a high level of durability. It will last for generations if the painting is taken care of properly.

Always remember not to touch the painted surfaces of your paintings when you are handling them. This could result in scratches or unwanted marks. Details of the portrait can also be altered. Never allow anything to press against the back and especially the front side of your canvas painting. It may result in damage, such as a hole or dent. In the event of an accident, never try to treat it yourself if your are not an artist. You should bring the damaged painting to an experienced person to repair. Amateur repairs work, but do not last. Place plywood or cardboard on both the front and the back of your painting while temporarily storing it or when you transport it. The cardboard should be larger than what the painting frame measures. To protect the painting, bubble wrap must be used. Tape or tie it firmly.

It is recommended that you store the oil painting in a plywood container, with the painting braced and positioned so air can move freely on all sides. The extremes of heat, temperature and humidity can be detrimental to oil paintings. Don’t expose your oil canvas under such conditions. Basements and Attics aren’t the best place to store paintings. You should hang your oil painting on the wall to be appreciated by everyone. If you think your oil painting is too dirty or old, bring it to an expert conservator who can restore or clean it. If you want to keep your oil paintings from getting dirty, use a soft bristle, clean brush to dust them.

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