How to maintain your water softener

Many homeowners want to keep their water softener working for years. These systems are a significant investment. You want them to continue working well, year after year. It is easy to maintain these systems, and it is essential that they continue working well. Related site!

Keep your levels of salt at the right level. Check the salt supply at least once a month and replenish it as needed. Salt consumption will vary depending on your system, and the amount of water you use. Start checking your salt levels more often if you’re finding that they are low on a regular basis.

When checking your salt level, take into consideration how humid the area is. In a humid environment, a water softener should have a low salt content and be refilled frequently. A salt bridge can form when there is a lot of humidity. This is a space that is empty between the salt and water. The system will not run properly. You can break the salt that forms a bridge with a broom handle. This will allow it to drop into the water.

Check your tank of brine every three to four months. Let the salt level in the system drop to one third of its full value. Look at the wall of the tank and see if it has any residue. You will have to remove the unit if you see a large amount of residue. Rinse the tank, clean it with soap and warm water, then replace the salt and fill the tank. Restart the unit. It should help prevent salt accumulation.

Iron is a common element in some water supplies. Your water softener may have a problem if your water supply is iron-rich. You will need to inspect your system every month if this is the case. Here, iron deposits may accumulate. Use an iron remover if you see these deposits.

This is all you need to do for maintenance. If you see leaks and drips in places where they shouldn’t, these need to be fixed. If you do not have any leaks or drips, then your monthly maintenance will only require a couple of minutes. You will have comfortable, soft water many months after installing the system. It is good to know that your system will not be damaged if you miss a single month. You can make it up as soon as possible after you realize you’ve missed the monthly inspection.

Water softeners are an important part of the plumbing in your home. You can avoid replacing this important component by taking care of the water softener. It only takes a couple of minutes per month to take care of the tome.

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