How To Lock In Self Storage Success: The Ultimate Guide

Now that you have decided to explore the world of storage, let’s get started. A self-storage unit is your best friend, whether you are downsizing your house, looking for a place to store your vintage porcelain llamas or simply decluttering your home. How do you start? Fear not, dear reader! This is all you need to be aware of, click this link.

1. What You Need to Know

Determine how much space is needed. Although it’s easy to go for the largest storage unit, do you need that much space? Imagine what you want to store instead. The contents of an apartment can be stored in 5×10 and 5×15 units, but a household’s belongings may require a 10×20 unit or bigger.

2. Climate Control Is Important

Have you got items which could be damaged in extreme temperatures? Leather furniture, electronics or porcelain llamas are all items that could be damaged by extreme temperatures. Renting a climate controlled unit is advisable if this applies. You’ll be able to keep all your items in perfect condition.

3. Safety First

Search for facilities which offer 24/7 surveillance, access codes, and areas that are well lit. It is important that your belongings are there for you when you go back to get them.

4. Accessibility

You should check the operating hours. Some have 24/7 hours, and others are more restricted. When will you be delivering or collecting items? Even if you’re an early or late bird, the hours that matter can be a big difference.

5. Pack Smart

Invest in good quality packaging and boxes. Label every item. Keep a record of all the items in your storage space. You’ll save yourself hours searching for items later.

Check Your Contract

Many people tend to ignore the fine print. Understand the conditions, in particular those relating to payments and what will happen if you fail to make a payment.

7. Rent Insurance

Some places require you to have insurance while other facilities leave that up to your discretion. In either case, insurance is an excellent idea. This gives you peace-of-mind and protects your most precious possessions.

8. Declutter Periodically

Spend some time each month going through the storage space. Take out items you do not need and organize. You will avoid your unit becoming a blackhole filled with forgotten items.

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