How To Choose The Best Toilet For Your Home

Your toilet is the most frequently used fixture in your home san diego plumber online. Toilets have had to undergo design changes in order to meet strict water conservation regulations. Manufacturers struggled to find ways to meet the new flushing requirement of 1.6 gal. Initial tests showed that many toilets weren’t capable of doing the job. It was common to have to flush multiple times in order for solids to be disposed of. This caused a lot of complaints from the public. These newer models were less effective and more expensive than older tried-and true versions. These units also didn’t look very attractive. The low-flush toilet was created during the era known as “lowboys”, low-profile, one-piece toilets that were popular in that era due to their aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Engineers found ways to comply with the low-gallon flush requirement, dispose solid waste, and add elegance to the design. Slowly, new toilets began to appear that had the same flushing power that the old 5 gallon models. The Toto toilet is one example of such a toilet. These “water closets”, another industry term for a toilet, have an amazing flushing power. You can choose from one, two, or three-piece designs. They also come in a dual flush option (one for liquid only, one for solids), and a long or narrow bowl. Toto also manufactures rough toilets for 10-12″ and 14-inch users (more information later). Vortens, another manufacturer also makes a model called Drake that is identical to the Toto Caruso, but less costly. I’ve found that toilets of today have substandard flushing power, except for the Vortens Drake or the Toto line.

There are other important aspects. How readily available parts are for the toilet you’re buying? These parts are how expensive? Every part will fail over time. Toilets see a lot of use. Make sure the parts you use are inexpensive and easily found in your area. The “rough in” will be important if you’re replacing a toilet. What is a “rough in”? It is the distance between the wall’s center and the drain outlet for your toilet. The minimum rough in is 12. Sometimes, things can go wrong during the building of a home. Things can go wrong when plans are changed, walls are made larger or smaller, and even things are moved around. A rough in may differ from the standard 12″. The rough toilets that are 10″ or 14 inches in length will cost you more, and the choices you have will be limited.

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