How The Internet Has Transformed The Music Industry

The music industry has seen a remarkable transformation over the past 15-years learn more here. The internet’s entry onto the international stage has revolutionized the way music can be bought, marketed, and shared. It’s not only the intensity of the changes occurring but also the rapid pace at which they are occurring. Nearly as quickly as they are made official, new technologies and processes become obsolete. The world wide web is here for good, regardless of whether you like it or don’t, and it has fundamentally changed the music business.

How music is bought. Brick and mortar music stores are experiencing a decline in traffic. Stores must rethink all aspects of their sales strategies, and look beyond the sale of music. The mp3 has made music purchase possible from the comfort of your armchair or bed. In the not too distant future, CDs might become extinct. Now, you no longer need to buy albums with just 3 or 4 songs. There is nothing you can do but ignore or have to put up with. You can only purchase songs you really want. This has meant a reduction in revenue for record companies as artists no longer have the guarantee that an entire album will be sold. In an attempt to increase profits and reduce costs, the emphasis now shifts towards “singles” release and marketing.

How artists get publicity – With the internet, artists have the ability to market and advertise themselves with remarkable efficiency. Uploading an MP3 file to MySpace or another social networking site is far easier than organizing a gig. Additionally, instead of being played to 50 people in some obscure club, the song can be instantly accessible to millions of fans all over the world by clicking a few buttons. It is not unusual to see bands that generate significant income and enjoy a high level of popularity, even without any record deals. You also have a higher level of interaction between the artist and their fans, which further strengthens the connections that influence sales.
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