Finials Will Add Height And Style To Your Home

Finials are considered small pieces of outdoor decor our site. A finial is placed on top roofs and at the high point of buildings to accent their height. While finials don’t require specific materials, many outdoor retailers sell them in copper. A finial does not have a specific design, but is instead used to accent any point. Although most often found on buildings and flagpoles, a finial can also be seen on other objects. An eagle-shaped finial can be seen on a metal flagpole that has been topped with an ornamental eagle. It doesn’t matter how tall the pole may be. Finials are generally decorative and not intended to replace a weathervane.

A finial is simply a decorative piece that is placed at the apex or top of a structure. This can be any size building. While historically, buildings were constructed with finials at the highest points, in modern times a finial is possible to be added to any roof. A finial is usually added to the apex of a building to emphasize its height and make it appear higher than it is. A finial can be placed on top the highest point on a modern building’s roof, or on top an existing cupola. If you would like your building to have an elevated point, a finial could be added.

Finials were traditionally made out of any one material. Finials made from stone were used in older buildings. Finials made from copper are now common in the present. Finials can take many forms, similar to the flagpole. But they are more pointed or spear-like than the ones shown earlier. The purpose of adding one is make a taller point longer and higher. Copper finials of modern design are often spear-shaped, yet embellished.

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