Drab to Fab – The power of pristine carpets for home decor

You’ve probably been flipping through magazines on home design or browsing Pinterest to dream of your perfect living room. Oft, we concentrate on furniture, wall colors or the quirky decor pieces. Carpets play a crucial role in the aesthetics of any home. Experts in carpet cleaning Lane Cove are always pointing out the dramatic difference that a freshly cleaned carpet can have on the appearance of any space. Read the reviews.

Imagine that you’re hosting a dinner. You have the perfect lighting, your favorite gourmet dish is wafting in the air while soft music plays. But, as your guests walk in, their eyes dart to the once-beige-now-grayish carpet with that all-too-obvious wine stain from two Christmases ago. This is not the impression that you were hoping to create, are we right?

Your decor is displayed in your carpet. Colors will pop off a vibrant, clean carpet, adding depth and dimension to any interior design. It can also make the space appear larger. In contrast, a dirty and stained carpet can make even the most stunning spaces look drab, casting an air of neglect in the space.

However, the importance of carpets goes beyond their appearance. It’s not just about looks! The feel of well-maintained flooring under your toes is luxurious. You may remember how it felt to walk barefoot across a newly cleaned and fluffy carpet. The effect is therapeutic, almost like an astringent massage of your feet. It makes the space look and feel great!

But I’m sure you are thinking “but I vacuum regularly!” The vacuum is the spa brush to your carpet. It’s important and can help with daily upkeep. But every so often, you need to give your carpet a deep clean.

If you have a good eye for decor, then the colors and patterns on a new carpet will inspire your choices in everything from cushions to wall hangings. Consider it a harmonious symphony in which each component plays a part and where the carpet sets that tone.

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