Common Cleaning Errors Ruining Your Carpet

It may seem simple, but mistakes can be made when cleaning carpets – click this link. These errors can range from using the wrong cleaning agent to not protecting your carpet after it has been washed. This could result in costly repairs or the need to buy a new rug. Don’t worry, with some tips and tricks from carpet cleaning you can avoid common cleaning mistakes and make your carpet look new again in no-time.

The first error is to use the wrong cleaning agent. Because not all carpets are created equal, the incorrect cleaning agent could cause color shrinking, color fading or damage to the carpet’s fibers. Make sure you read the carpet care label before cleaning. Use a specific cleaning product for your carpet.

This is the second fatal error. When it comes to carpet cleaning, less is often more. You can damage the carpet by oversaturating it with cleaning solutions or water. Blot the stain with a soft cloth and only use a small amount of cleaning solution.

This is the third error. You can damage the fibers of your carpet by using hot water or intense heat. These can be great for stain removal. Avoid heat-based cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning or ironing, and always use warm water.

Neglecting protection for your carpet is the fourth. Always cover your carpet in fabric protection after cleaning. You will have a much easier time cleaning the carpet in the future because it is resistant to new stains.

Neglecting to clean your carpet regularly is the fifth. You can maintain your carpet’s appearance by vacuuming regularly and doing deep cleaning. Regular cleaning can cause allergies and buildup.

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