Carpet cleaning Cammeray offers tips for keeping your carpets clean when you have dogs

Even though we love our pets, they can make it difficult to maintain the cleanliness of our carpets. You can still have a fresh, clean rug with your dog if you use the right techniques and maintenance practices. Carpet cleaning cammeray is aware of all the requirements pet owners have. Join us for professional advice and sound tips on how to maintain clean carpets that are pet friendly. Download now.

Establish a Routine for Grooming: Regular grooming will help reduce shedding, and excess hair on carpets. Brushing the dog’s hair outside, or on an easy to clean area will also reduce the amount of fur tracked into your carpets.

You can place absorbent towels or mats near the entryways of your house to wipe off your dog’s feet before you let them in. It will reduce the chance of dirt and mud tracking on your carpets. Consistency is key when cleaning your dog’s feet after outdoor walks and playtime.

Dog-Friendly zones: Create specific areas in your house for your pet to rest, play and eat. Pet gates and obstacles can be used to keep pets out of carpeted or difficult-to clean areas. In these areas, use flooring and rugs which are easily machine-washable to make maintenance easier.

Regular Vacuuming Is Essential When You Have Dogs At least two times a week, vacuum areas that are frequently visited by dogs and places where they live. Consider investing in a pet vacuum that is designed to handle pet hair, dander and other pet materials. These cleaners often include attachments for pet material and have powerful suction.

Even well-trained canines are prone to accidents. Clean up spills or accidents immediately after they happen to prevent odors from spreading into your carpet. Clean the area with a cloth and use an enzyme-based cleaner designed for pet odors and stains.

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