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Many people associate steam cleaning with carpet cleaning – more hints. However, there is a better way to clean carpets that’s as efficient as steam cleaning. Dry foam is the carpet cleaning method that I am referring to. Although it isn’t dry as its name suggests, professionals refer to dry foam as dry due to the low moisture content.

How it works

Dry foam carpet cleaning’s power lies in the use of a specialized shampoo. Encapsulation is a chemical process. Encapsulation technology is a cleaning method that traps dirt and residue in a suspension. Once trapped, these particles crystallize to allow the carpet cleaner to remove them. This method is as effective as steam cleaning to remove dirt and stains. However, it is important to hire a professional who is familiar with this method. While steam machines are easy to use, dry foam carpet cleaning is more dependent on the skills of the technician.

Berber carpets can be maintained using dry foam carpet cleaning. This is a superior method of maintenance. Berber carpets have a looped pile, which traps dirt at the base. The steam cleaning process involves soaking the carpet in water and extracting it with a vacuum cleaner. The combination of an encapsulation solution and a brush that mixes the shampoo into carpet gives you a better carpet cleaning experience in dry foam. The brush spins quickly so that it vibrates the soil at the base of carpet.

It’s healthier

Steam cleaning carpets can cause damage to carpet fibres by over-wetting them. This can lead to shrinkage, color bleeding, and discoloration. The health problems caused by mould and mildew are the most serious consequences of steam cleaning carpets. The carpets become saturated with water from the steam cleaning process. Without any air circulation, this creates a perfect environment for mould and mildew growth.

Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in moist environments. Its spores can cause allergies and skin irritations. Health Canada warns residents that mold growth in residential buildings can pose a health risk. You are more likely to experience symptoms like headaches, wheezing and coughing if you live in an area where mould or mildew is growing. Asthmatics are especially at risk because mould can trigger asthma attacks.

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